Russian Kids Are Going to Eat Our Kids for Perestroika (VIDEO)

By Michael May 14, 2013 @ 11:40 AM

A little league hockey game in Russia ended in what can only be described as the most badass brawl the ice has seen in a good long while. I’m not sure what happened since I don’t speak Russian and there is some shitty Russian rap song playing over the video. What I am sure about is that if the Cold War happened today, we would lose. Last week I wrote about a push by the board that regulates PE classes to eliminate all team sports, especially dodgeball. It is all part of the seemingly endless pussification of our great nation. Our grandfathers used to play sports in the street with sticks and bare hands and plenty of fistfights. Football helmets were little leather caps with no face mask. We had the pleasure of pelting our classmates with red rubber balls, which if placed just right in the face or jimmies, could evoke a great reaction. What do our kids do for physical activity now? Nature walks minus the asthmatic kids and yoga. You think self-esteem is any match for a 10-year old who knows how to land a haymaker? These Russian kids are going to laugh at our kids, right before they take our capital.

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    aquanetta jones 05/14/2013 12:05

    Awesome!!! That was badass….Too bad we are becoming such pussies here….back in my day we would have taken our skates off and tied our wrists together and had a knife fight while Michael Jackson would sing Beat it in the background and then he would touch the winner in naughty places.

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    LoK 05/14/2013 14:35

    Yeah, if this was in the USA there would be so much suing going on right now.

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    woody 05/14/2013 20:17

    Jack the Cold War wasn’t really a war. It was a period where we though there might be a war but ….. oh nevermind.

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