The Rolling Stones Are Still Alive

By Lex May 06, 2013 @ 12:55 PM

The Rolling Stones Start Their 50th Anniversary Tour At The Staples Center In Los Angeles
There’s something to be said for Human Growth Hormone and Viagra and all the other modern science chemicals that keep the Rolling Stones lean and hungry and banging young women fifty years after getting started. All an ordinary man can hope for in his 70′s is a once-a-day stiffie and a back that doesn’t hurt like shit. 50th anniversaries are usually reserved for grandparents and World Wars, but the Stones have managed to outlast all others.

I was going to show you the morass of celebrities who attended the concert on Friday night at The Staples center trying to look cool and relevant, but that ain’t Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Photo Credit: Splash


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    Mud Nugget 05/06/2013 13:03

    a well preserved 70 year old…. and still ugly

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    Doctor Mindbender 05/06/2013 17:35

    Keith Richards has arm like Madonna

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