Aaron Hernandez Glock Toting Selfie

By Lex June 26, 2013 @ 7:06 PM

Here’s a photo of Aaron Hernandez proudly showing off his gun back in his Go Gators college days. I guess he was on a study break or something. I know they don’t ask prospective players at the NFL Combines whether they’re gay or not anymore. But maybe they should start asking things like, ‘Do you love guns and strip clubs and getting into gangster shit? As an example, do you take photos of yourself holding loaded guns?’ Then the teams can figure out if the guy is talented enough that they don’t really care that he’s likely to end up with a first-degree murder rap.

Photo credit: TMZSports

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    Shortshanks 06/26/2013 19:31

    But maybe they should start asking things like, ‘Do you love guns and strip clubs and getting into gangster shit?

    ….a better question, maybe??? How the fu*ck do you throw away this much money just because someone pissed you off…???

    8/27/2012: Signed a seven-year, $41.115 million contract. The deal contains $16.4 million guaranteed, including a $12.5 million signing bonus. An annual $500,000 roster bonus is due in years four through seven. An annual $500,000 workout bonus is available in years three through seven. 2013: $1.323 million, 2014: $1.2 million, 2015: $2.3 million, 2016: $5 million, 2017-2018: $6 million, 2019: Free Agent

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    Daubone 06/26/2013 20:02

    should be arrested for that hair cut along time ago, lol

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    One More Gun 06/26/2013 21:01

    I feel like we all owe Gronk an apology for thinking he was the retarded one.

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    Admiral 06/26/2013 21:30

    Is his shirt Bedazzled?

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    Dave Star 06/27/2013 02:58

    I laughed harder at that last line of the post than I did at anything else on the internet today. It just rings with so much truth.

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    Dave Star 06/27/2013 03:03

    I lied. This line from the yahoozle report made me laugh harder.

    “Less than two hours after Hernandez was arrested, the Patriots cut him.”

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    Hugh G. Rection 06/27/2013 10:01

    Elementary Rules of Firearm Safety:

    1) Treat all guns as if they were loaded.
    2) Never point the muzzle of the gun at something you do not want to destroy.
    3) Keep your finger off the trigger until you have identified your target and are ready to fire.
    4) Know what is in front of, and behind, your target at all times.

    So it looks like this dick is batting 1.000

    What an asshole.

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    Mud Nugget 06/27/2013 11:09

    looks like a cast member on “Jersey Shore”

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    travist 06/27/2013 12:19

    way to throw your life down the shitter. you should be very proud.

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    thelegendofts 06/28/2013 10:21

    This guy deserves all the butt rapes he will receive and probably give during his prison stint, what a moron.

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