Audrina Partridge And Terrell Owens Were At The Miss Hooters Pageant

June 28, 2013 | Uncategorized | editor | 0 Comments

Proud fathers from around the world gathered in Las Vegas last night for the 2013 Miss Hooters International Pageant, at which one lucky girl was crowned the most Hooterific Hooters of all the Hooters in this Hooter-loving world. In the end, Kentucky’s Marissa Raisor was named Miss Hooters International, and little girls everywhere tore down their posters of Hillary Clinton to honor their new icon of female empowerment.

Audrina Partridge and Terrell Owens were also there, probably as judges, and I’m sure they talked about a lot of interesting things, including how dry the ink was on their checks and the quality of the free food backstage. “The best food is free food,” I’m sure they said with laughter.

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