Chris Evans Plays The Badass In The Snowpiercer International Trailer (VIDEO)

June 14, 2013 | video | editor | 0 Comments

Snowpiercer is the story of a post-apocalyptic America in which all of the survivors live on a gigantic train that just keeps circling the globe because everything else is covered in ice and too cold for humans. Except for Arizona, probably, because that place is always a fiery hell. But just like any good future, the poor are separated from the rich and reminded how awful they are until Chris Evans finds an ax and an Asian guy and they start fucking all of the wealthy people up.

I wonder if Chris used to tell the other actors on the set of Not Another Teen Movie that one day he’d be a huge action movie star and how hard that dorky white kid who pretended to be Asian laughed at him before they both wondered what Chyler Leigh looked like naked.

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