Give It A Rest, Colin Farrell

June 10, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

According to the results of a scientific study that I just made up, Colin Farrell has slept with 100 percent of the actresses in Hollywood, including some that have been dead for a while just so he could say he did. And I’m guessing a good reason for his success in vaginal conquest is that he’s a pretty good-looking guy, even when he’s dressed like a frat boy on a Sunday morning hike from the dorms.

Colin was picking up his son from school the other day, and he was working the Adidas pants with Nike shoes look, and when a woman pointed that out, he replied, “And I call my dick Chuck Taylor” and she laughed and suddenly found herself spread eagle on his car hood.

We get it, Colin Farrell. You’re good looking. Quit ruining life for the rest of us.

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