Jenny McCarthy In Carl’s Jr Salad Ad (VIDEO)

By Lex June 19, 2013 @ 2:12 PM

Why do fast food places make salads? Yeah, I know contrived young girls are assaulting McDonald’s CEO with questions about making kids diabetic, their fingers too swollen to operate the remote control to watch their skinny Asian counterparts stealing their future. But who the fuck is going to a greasy QSR to eat healthy? These execs are always telling us about how the people are demanding nutritious low-calorie alternatives at their restaurants. Really? Show me one of these people. Are they the same ones demanding more non-nude options at strip clubs and greater selection in non-alcoholic beers? These people do not exist. That cranberry apple walnut salad is about as natural as Jenny’s boobs face hair.

Photo Credit: Carl’s Jr

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    RangerLG 06/19/2013 14:42

    Salads cause Downs Syndrome. She should not let her son eat them.

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    MacDaddy 06/19/2013 16:05

    She can toss My salad anytime she wants!

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    Conal 06/20/2013 23:37

    Evidently, murdering kids doesn’t pay as much as showing your tits.

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