The Gays Hating on The Duggars

June 20, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

You may recall The Duggars as the 19 and Counting reality TV family that is overpopulating the planet in order to fulfill their manifest destiny. Now, the eldest Duggar son has taken a job with the Family Research Council in Washington. They’re the group that tries to gets tits and swear words out of the media. They also don’t like the gays so much, well, it’s not that they don’t like them it’s just that they think they’re agents of Beelzebub. So, GLAAD, a leading activist group for the Sodomites, issued some bitchy statement telling people to stop watching The Duggars reality show on TLC. This entire thing smacks of the worst grade school fight ever. Who cares if holy babymaker jr. wants to take a job with the FRC and why is the FRC so obsessed with stopping greasy butt love in the first place? It’s not like that’s going to reproductively compete with the ‘on your back and spread ’em for Jesus’ strategy the Duggars have going on. As always, I side with the people who are too fucking lazy or disinterested to get involved in other people’s shit. Which is nobody involved in this particular story.

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