Alec Baldwin Threatens To Quit a Bunch of Shit

By Michael July 03, 2013 @ 4:10 PM

Alec Baldwin is threatening to not only quit Twitter but acting too. In an interview in Vanity Fair he talks about how it’s Twitter’s fault that he keeps saying stupid shit. He said of social media in general that, “It’s just another chink in your armor for people to come and kill you.” Like when you call out gay journalists as ‘toxic queens’ people will write nasty shit back to you. He says that he learned an important lesson from James Gandolfini’s funeral. No, not to be an all around gentleman and professional like the late star, just that Gandolfini didn’t have a Twitter account:

“I went to Jimmy Gandolfini’s funeral, and when I was there I realized Jimmy Gandolfini didn’t have Twitter. Jimmy Gandolfini was so beloved as a person, and he was so admired as an actor, and he didn’t give a fuck about social media. I really learned a lesson at the funeral. I said to myself, This is all a waste of time”

I guess if Tony Soprano had to die to teach Alec Baldwin a lesson about the perils of having a Twitter account, so be it. We all have to do our part to make his world a better place. Dick.

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    teutonic 07/04/2013 08:20

    If only he would not talk or type unless it was what the screen writers told him to say… this guy makes Tom Sizmore not seem so bad.

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    Joseph the Red 07/04/2013 11:04

    I thought he did a great job in Beetlejuice.

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    sam92687 07/04/2013 13:38

    yeah, please. get over yourself baldwin

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