Alexander Fields-Lefkovic, Will You Be Our New Summer Intern?

By Lex July 16, 2013 @ 12:12 AM

According to KTVU, their source for the fucked joke pilot names they accidentally aired was the National Transportation Safety Board. In particular, KTVU cited an intern at the NTSB who ‘double checked’ the spellings of the names for the TV news program over the telephone before they went live on the air. Asiana Airlines is now suing KTVU for defamation, which is idiotic, because what they really need are better pilots, but they’re suing just the same. And, let’s be honest, politically incorrect or not, you laughed when you saw the news broadcast. Yes, you did. It was really fucking funny. Even my mom was cracking up as she was telling me how wrong it was. Everyone needs to stop being hypocrites.

On an entirely unrelated note, NTSB Summer Intern in Public Affairs, Alexander Fields-Lefkovic, a student at Cornell University, seems to have removed his LinkedIn profile page. Though we do have a copy of it thanks to a socially benevolent WWTDD tipster. For those not familiar, LinkedIn is the YouPorn of business networking. It’s where sales people and corporate job seekers go to wank over each others resumes. It’s where Alexander listed his summer internship at the NTSB, until recently that is. Could it be that Alex suddenly lost his summer internship? But every cloud has a silver rining. We would like to offer Mr. Field-Lefkovic a highly valuable learning work experience at WWTDD for the remainder of this summer. I think we offer college credit or something that makes these summer slave labor arrangements fully legal. Alex, call us.

(Is Alex the best and the brightest in our nation’s college youth? Let us know on Twitter @DurdenShat)

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    stealthy 07/16/2013 00:49


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    stealthy 07/16/2013 00:51

    whatever I hope those posts show up.

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    stealthy 07/16/2013 00:52

    so what is it? you guys review posts that mention brenda?

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    stealthy 07/16/2013 00:53

    Nope it wasn’t brenda, corporate douchebags?

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    stealthy 07/16/2013 00:54

    what an odd filter you idiots have set, is it idiots?

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    stealthy 07/16/2013 00:55

    strike 3 I guess. no sense in figuring it out now.

    thanks for ruining this site, dicks.

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    RangerLG 07/16/2013 08:53

    Careful or this post will become a crowd favorite. 6 whole posts!

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    teutonic 07/16/2013 08:57

    Best intern prank ever.

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    RangerLG 07/16/2013 09:12

    The Twitter name is DurdenShat, really? Was @WWTDD already taken? Oh yeah, it is, but it does not appear to be the original poster. Funny how a company can take over a site and not get the Twitter feed.

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    reub 07/16/2013 15:41

    Just wanted to mention that local L.A. radio station KFI (and regularly the top station in ratings, of ALL stations, not just AM) has started reporting in their regular news breaks about WWTDD offering the intern a job.

    I dont know if this Durden post was serious, but find it odd that news outlets are picking up this post.

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