Awesome Parent Looks For Chick On Craigslist To De-Virginize Son

By Michael July 22, 2013 @ 12:10 PM

It would be easy to shake your head and lament the state of American parenting after reading this Craigslist ad in Philly. Or you can go ahead and  name this poster the fucking parent of the year. Back in the day, when a boy showed himself a little shy around the girls, his dad would take him out to the service establishments and hook him up with a sure thing. It was a rite of passage sons went through. Splendor in the Grass was more often forty-seconds in the sack with a gal named Kitty followed by a few days of penicillin to cure what Kitty done gave you. Boys need to turn into men who know how to procreate. It’s somewhat important for our species. We don’t just want the naturally aggressively born jockstrappers to impregnate all the ladies. We need to get a little Harvard smarts Aspergers blood in their too. We’re not defending our kind from sabertooth cats anymore. We need to find the cure for cancer. Somebody’s got to teach the nerds how to wet their willies. And somebody’s got to teach girls of a certain ilk how to benefit from their craft as well. A car for a little high school virgin nerd sex? Well played, parent of the year.

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    Shortshanks 07/22/2013 14:28

    I certainly hope “Dad” goes along to check the service-provider’s equipment prior to “entering”…….

    …..many a young boy has been tricked into the ghey-bo lifestyle by such shenanigans on the part of Craigslist entrepreneurs…..

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    hurt bottom 07/22/2013 17:18

    i don’t want to ruffle any feathers here, but this kid’s mom didn’t write this.

    it was actually a pretty smart kid finding out a way to get laid at home until he goes to college.

    he pays as much as he would on a “real” date – concert tickets, etc, and then he doesn’t have to close, because his “online mom” did it for him.

    no wonder he’s going to harvard!

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