Christina Aguilera Got Smaller Through Moderation

Christina Aguilera Looking Lighter After Weight Loss At The TCA Summer Party In Beverly Hills Christina Aguilera figured out that she doesn't need to get drunk every night, just every other night, and the results are showing. Shed some pounds. Find clarity. Rediscover your true strengths. Like your tits. Yep, still there even when only moderately soused.

Here's Christina Aguilera showing off at the TV Critics Association association thing. One day she's going to turn around in that chair on The Voice and be naked. Let's call that the day I start watching The Voice.

Photo Credit: Getty, WENN [gallery ids="1488962,1488972,1488982,1488992,1489002,1489012,1489022,1489032,1489042,1489052,1489062"]

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