Courtney Stodden And Her Dirty Old Man Get Sex Counseling

Courtney Stodden Cleavagey Being Interviewed For Passion & Pleasure With Dr Ava Cadell In Hollywood Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson have been visiting with sex counselor Dr. Ava Cadell. Technically, Dr. Ava is loveologist, which is more of a sex counselor with degrees from schools you've never heard of before. But make no mistake, wedded couple Courtney and Doug have real bedroom problems to overcome. For instance, when your older husband likes small-chested underaged waifish girls and you go and make yourself into a freakishly big-titted made-up stripper, dude's going to have trouble getting it up. Maybe you can bind those bad boys and pretend like he will still go to jail if your mama finds out. I'm just throwing that out there. I'm sure Dr. Ava Cadell has some more tried and true methods. They just don't hand out doctorates from Newport University.

Photo Credit: PCN

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