Courtney Stodden Is Making a Sex Tape

By Lex July 25, 2013 @ 7:16 PM

In a shocking bit of news, Courtney Stodden has announced she’s making a sex tape. Unlike even bogus productions like Backdoor Teen Mom, Courtney is taking a novel approach to her sex tape — she won’t be having sex in it. Or getting naked. She’s going to be with her husband talking about sex and examining play toys and working with that amazing loveologist friend of hers to to help other married couples. In short, she’s selling tickets to a zoo without any animals, just an old zoo keeper jizzing on a bunch of empty cages.

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    Admiral 07/25/2013 19:45

    She’s really boring.

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    Admiral 07/26/2013 01:48

    I keep thinking she’s gonna do something irresponsible and fun, maybe while drunk, at an orgy, but it never seems to happen.

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    MSO 07/26/2013 09:21

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    Mud Nugget 07/26/2013 11:48

    her looks have peaked…sad

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