Golden Corral Is Disgusting, But You Already Knew That (VIDEO)

By Michael July 09, 2013 @ 12:48 PM

In what can come as no surprise to anyone that has ever eaten there, it turns out that the Golden Corral is disgusting. This obvious statement was made concrete in many people’s minds when a video surfaced online showing various raw meat products beings stored by a dumpster. The baby back ribs, hamburger meat, and other pieces of ex-animal were stashed behind the restaurant to hide them from the health inspectors, presumably because they had gone off. The video was taken by a Corral employee named Brandon Huber, the Edward Snowden of crappy hick family dining. He said the meat was later served to customers. When he complained to management that this was going on, he was dismissed. While it’s truly vile, is anyone actually shocked by this? Why the hell do you think they can afford to only charge $10 for a steak and lobster buffet that would cost you $50 or more at a real restaurant? The time to worry about intestinal tract infections is before you start eating really fucking cheap meat.

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    teutonic 07/09/2013 13:04

    When they talk about that endless chocolate fountain on the commercials they aren’t talking about dessert.

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    Digital Wonderbread 07/09/2013 13:13

    This is absolutely unforgivable. It’s 2013 people. How did he think he could get away with shooting this video in portrait mode.

    It’s bloody disgusting is what it is.

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    Doo Doo Fresh 07/09/2013 15:01

    WTF? Those are baby back ribs, yo! You think storing them next to a trash compactor for a few hours is gonna stop me from wanting to eat all I can for $10?

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