Josh Duhamel Looks Miserable

Fergie And Josh Duhamel Go To Church In Brentwood The last time I saw this face was on James Gandolfini a month before he passed. It's overwhelmed man face. Josh Duhamel has it going on in spades. Getting around with the ladies in Hollywood was no problem for this famed cocksman, but nurturing a blown up Fergie through her pregnancy seems to have Josh on the cliff's edge. Yeah, Fergie looks like hell too. But she's having a baby. Nature is supposed to make her unhappy. Josh, he's looking ready to Shawshank through half a mile of sewer line to get out right about now. This should get interesting.

Photo Credit: Splash [gallery ids="1486182,1486192,1486202,1486212,1486222,1486232,1486242,1486252,1486262"]

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