Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst Bears Her Student’s Baby

July 4, 2013 | News | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Women really do make the worst fucking sexual predators. They’re just as messed up as men in most every way, but they simply lack the antisocial detachment ┬ánecessary to properly molest, say, the high school students in their classroom. A male teacher would know to cover his tracks, build a decent cover story, and have some plausible deniability before he started diddling the teen girls in his class. But the female teachers. Oh, no, they have to have feelings and leave meaningful text messages and fall in love with their teen boy victims. Or, in the case of teacher Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst, get pregnant and have her 16-year old student’s baby. You’re not going to catch a male predator having a baby. Good work, teach. There goes your plausible deniability. When I think of all the boys who could’ve got their first hummer from a reasonably hot school teacher who’s now going to prison, I just want to cry.