Lil Kim Bailed On A Show, Still Looks Like A Cartoon Character

July 23, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Rapper Lil Kim has issued an apology to her fans in London through a spokesperson, after she was accused of being late for her scheduled (and ultimately canceled) main event performance at the Lovebox festival in London this weekend. This is noteworthy because it means that not only do people still actually want to watch Lil Kim perform, but they’re willing to pay her to do it.

Despite vowing to make up for the missed show with a meet and greet, Lil Kim bolted from her London hotel in a flash, as some of her fans waited to show their love. Not only does she look even more like someone left a wet LaToya Jackson in the dryer too long, but her crazy ass fans seem to want to look like her. These are strange times we’re living in.

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