Lilit Avagyan Looks Like Kim Kardashian

By Lex July 08, 2013 @ 11:57 AM

Lilit Avagyan Treats Herself To A Mani-Pedi In Beverly Hills
With all the hullabaloo (I think that’s still a word) around the stupidly named North West, people have completely overlooked that Reggie Bush just had a stupidly named girl child with his Kim Kardashian lookalike replacement girlfriend, Lilit Avagyan. It’s uncanny how much Lilit and her ass in Spandex look just like Kim Kardashian. Also uncanny how the unwed couple named their baby girl Briesis. Which is perhaps more stupid than North. With the eventual winner being the girl who grows up with tits most like her mother.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, INF

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    stealthy 07/08/2013 14:29

    Briseis was a character out of the Iliad you dolt, it’s no where near as random and idiotic as North, nor is it as idiotic as you misspelling the name, or being absolutely clueless as to its origin.

    Brendon was an idiot, but even he didn’t make a fool of himself every time he started talking.

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    ExBetaBoy 07/09/2013 01:27

    Wasn’t she Achilles’ girlfriend/slave? We need to revive the common use of the word dolt. It’s too good to be underutilized.

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