Rap Feuds Have Hit An All-Time Low

July 2, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Back in the good, old days, if two rappers didn’t like each other, they’d either settle their beef by writing hate-filled diss tracks about each other, like Jay-Z and Nas, or in extreme cases, it would be settled in the streets by warring gang members*, like Biggie and Tupac. Unfortunately, today’s rappers feud about as well two special needs girls. Case in point – Pharrell is suing will.i.am over the use and ownership of the phrase “I am”.

According to TMZ, will.i.am’s lawyers fired the first shots with a cease and desist after Pharrell created the YouTube channel “I Am Other”, so Pharrell responded by quoting Dr. Seuss lines in his own lawsuit, in proving why he should be able keep the title. I think the simple solution is to just let Suge Knight handle this the right way in exchange for not sending him back to jail. Justice used to mean something in this country.

*And dirty cops. You can’t ever forget the dirty cops.

(Photo Credit: Getty)

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