Rihanna Goes Shopping In Her Swimsuit

By Lex July 16, 2013 @ 3:00 PM

Rihanna Goes Shopping In Her Swimsuit In Monte Carlo
Rihanna can do shit like going shopping in fancy French stores in her bathing suit, because, fuck you, she’s Rihanna. I kind of like that actually. I once tried to get a hot dog at a mini-mart in just my swimsuit bottoms and the store owner cursed me out in a string of utterances that would later be translated roughly to ‘I am doctor in my home country. Get out, white blob!’ I bet Rihanna doesn’t hear shit like that. But her average purchase is probably higher than 79-cents.

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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    Mud Nugget 07/16/2013 15:14

    she eats ass

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    MarlaSingerSays 07/16/2013 21:25

    Disappointing… this site has become such a piece of shit. Quantity over quality. I remember the days when I would quote WWTDD…. now I am embarrassed and pissed at myself for reading this garbage. The site has always been offside and offensive but before it was done with such brilliant comedic cruelty that it was hard to leave offended (seemed there was a greater good), Now it is just long, offensive, and BORING.

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