Rita Ora Strips Down In British GQ

By Lex July 05, 2013 @ 3:58 PM

Rita Ora Strips Down For British GQ
I don’t know much about Rita Ora. I know that like most young British pop music stars listening to her music will cause blood to flow from your ears and your testicles to shrink to the size of raisins. Just that word of caution if you happen to like the way you’re hanging currently. Still, she does know how to sit on a chair like nobody’s business. I guess we can call it even.

Photo Credit: GQ UK


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  1. miche the killer 07/06/2013 01:57

    So basically England got its own Rhianna. Way to be jealous, England. You could’ve just had ours. I think Barbados is yours anyhow…

  2. LoK 07/08/2013 12:13

    at least shes hotter than Rhianna

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