Selena Gomez Makes Adidas Seem Sexy

By Travis July 10, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

A lot of people don’t know that Adidas was founded by a member of the Nazi Party back in 1949, after he split from his brother over typical hate monger family bickering. While the Nazi-er Rudolph Dassler went on to found Puma, his brother Adolph Dassler created Adidas, and the two companies went on to feud for decades, while making everyone forget that they were totally down with genocide.

But that was ages ago and Adidas has since made amends for its founder’s allegiance to Hitler by hiring Selena Gomez to design her own line of clothing, called Neo. Obviously, it doesn’t completely erase the mistakes of the past, but that will come with time and a lingerie collection.

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    Admiral 07/10/2013 10:13

    This little troll. I like her hair, though, I must admit.

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    teutonic 07/10/2013 10:20

    Nazi’s are well known for their footwear.

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    LoK 07/10/2013 10:49

    I thought the Nazis were known for the pieces of flair they made the Jews wear.

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    LloydChristmas 07/10/2013 10:55

    This site blows. It’s like a crappier version of Perez, and I don’t even know how that’s possible

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    Tortelvis Himself 07/10/2013 11:08

    So Selena is shilling a Neo-Nazi line of clothing?

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    Doo Doo Fresh 07/10/2013 11:26

    I once had an uncle die at a concentration camp.

    He fell out of the guard tower!


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    RangerLG 07/10/2013 13:33

    Selena needs to get over here and shill on my cock!

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