Simon Cowell Knocked Up His Buddy’s Wife

By Lex July 31, 2013 @ 1:32 PM

Lauren Silverman Leaves A Play With Simon Cowell In London
There’s a certain class of guys who will dip their wick in their buddy’s wife. Let’s call them Simon Cowell asswipes, just to pick a name. Simon’s been laying pipe into his real estate buddy Andrew Silverman’s wife for nobody knows how long, but at least a few months as she’s now ten weeks pregnant with his first kid. But it’s all cool, because a source tells US weekly that Lauren Silverman has been unhappy in her marriage for some time and was planning on getting divorced anyhow. And when your friend’s wife is unhappy in her marriage, fair game. Asswipe.

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    snoodee 07/31/2013 13:47

    If you’re gonna let yourself get knocked up by one of your husband’s friends, might as well be one that’s worth probably more than $100million.

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