Subway Sandwich Artist Sticks His Dick Into Footlong

July 23, 2013 | WTF | editor | 0 Comments

In the latest example of a fast food worker acting like a douche, a Subway “sandwich artist” named “Weedpriest” got caught putting extra salami on their fresh baked bread. The penis belonged to Ian Jett, AKA “Weedpriest”, and we know that he did it because he posted pictures of his health code violations on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He also froze some pee in the Subway’s freezer, you know, like you do. Maybe he wasn’t high that day and wanted to save it for future drug tests. Someone saw his handiwork and turned him in and he has been subsequently fired. and all his Employee of the Month pictures removed from the wall.

Is social media revealing secret nasty shit at fast food restaurants that has always gone or, or is it encouraging dimwitted attention whores to try to out gross each other behind the counter for publicity? It’s both. Now quit your whining and go eat a giant fucking penis-tasting meal that costs less than a pack of cigarettes.