Washington State Bans Sexist Words

July 4, 2013 | WTF | editor | 0 Comments

Washington state eliminated sexism today by enacting a law that bans gender-denoting words. The bill, signed by governor Jay Inslee, had any word that contained words like man or woman removed from all documents, papers, and books. So, penmanship is now handwriting, freshman is now a first-year student, and fisherman is now fisher, (which I’m not sure is even an actual word). Washington is crawling with hippies and granola eaters that stay up nights thinking about the evils of the word mankind and its patriarchal heteronormative implications. Liz Watson of the National Women’s Law Center said of the legislation, “Words matter, this is important in changing hearts and minds.” Sure, it is. Just like you went with Liz instead of Elizabeth or even Beth to minimize your gender defining moniker. How’s that been working out for you then?