Zynga Sues "Bang With Friends" App

Zynga, the company that makes games like Words With Friends, is suing the makers of a sex hook-up app called Bang With Friends for copyright infringement. Zynga claims that Bang With Friends purposefully uses their "with friends" name in order to ride the coattails of Zynga's successful word game brand. Bang with Friends is an app that was available at the iTunes store and is still downloadable on Android devices where you can meet other pathetic losers in order to have ugly anonymous sex. Apple yanked Bang with Friends because of its objectionable content. Zynga should really take a long look in the mirror before it goes accusing people of ripping off names and ideas since it made millions re-packaging Scrabble. At least Bang with Friends is only copying Words with Friends' name and not the whole fucking design of the app. I am not sure why Hasbro hasn't shut Words with Friends down but they should team up with Bang with Friends to take Zynga to court. Then the two can collaborate on Candyland Bang and feed both of my strongest desires.