Australian Vaginas Need Some Work

By Lex August 22, 2013 @ 3:45 PM

Apparently, Australian women really hate the way their vaginas look. They’re all getting plastic surgery to corral their flapping beef curtains. Anytime native vaginas are under attack, you can expect dykie college students to come to their defense. Lesbians understand that their gender’s genitals are meant to be imperfect and it’s far more important that their partner be a horny needy bitch who can keep a secret than it is to have porn star perfected gonads. The student journalists at the University of Sydney were sick and tired of vaginas having to conform to some unrealistic male-dominated-media fantasy of how a vagina should look. They got 18 ‘regular gals’ from around campus to show off pictures of their own bumpy, grizzled, imperfect vaginas on the cover of the school paper.

“The vaginas on the cover are not sexual. We are not always sexual. The vagina should and can be depicted in a non-sexual way – it’s just another body part “– statement from editors of Honi Soit, the school paper

“Look at your hand, then look at your vagina,” said one participant in the project.

I don’t even understand that last part. If I looked at my hand then looked at my vagina, my next step would be to shove my meaty paw into my vagina to pleasure myself endlessly until my own wizard sleeves were in desperate need of a trim. School officials seized and shredded the vagina newspaper edition because that’s what school officials do to make sure pointless college kid protests get  way too much press coverage. This also means students can hold underground meetings where they act grown up, smoke cloves, and talk about censorship and suppression. As a result of this protest, look for future porn to feature fugly vaginas at some point never in the future. Also, women will henceforth be confident about their bodies.

Photo: the school paper actually created this black-barred version, but you can see the uncensored 18 vaginas HERE, if you so choose.

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    TheGoddamnedPope 08/22/2013 16:51

    Jesus Christ, it’s like buzzmedia dug through the worst youtube commenters and then found the one commenter that all of those assholes shit on for being the worst and then said, “Hey, do you want to take over WWTDD?”

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    Shortshanks 08/22/2013 17:11

    Most cu*nts could use some work…….so I’ll volunteer to work them…..

    …also…is there a razor shortage or a melted candle shortage in Australia…??

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    Warlord Dave 08/22/2013 18:04

    Leave it to a woman to hate on vaginas. Men don’t give a shit. As long as its wet, warm, and accepts deposits.

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    Admiral 08/22/2013 18:06

    A non-sexual vagina? People are dumb as shit.

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    Shiss 08/22/2013 19:15

    I’m pretty sure I recognize # 4. And maybe # 11 and 12. But I wasn’t watching closely with those two.

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    remember 08/22/2013 22:37

    I was so nearly confident Lex was a woman trying to portray a man to stay in sync with what I presume is a largely male dominated audience for this website.. now I’m not so sure. It used to be he.. she?.. Lex.. would awkwardly compliment some beastly slag, very much in contradiction to how WWTDD used to run.. now its this forced humor about lesbians or whatever.. its just not funny.. couldn’t be any more different. Brenden was witty and concise. Lex blathers

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    deliminator 08/23/2013 02:30


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    Doctor Mindbender 08/23/2013 07:18

    All vaginas are beautiful in their own way

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    ess286 08/23/2013 10:27

    what year is it that these women still have all that hair? There are a few of those that you would have trouble finding the hole through the bush.

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    Buck 08/23/2013 14:54

    #3 is the first vagina I have ever seen that had a combover.

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