Ben Affleck: Courageous Politician

August 14, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Ben Affleck is the latest Hollywood self-important figure¬†considering entering politics. Affleck has been very vocal about his political beliefs over the years, using his fame as a soap box to tell the world what he thinks about important shit. But up until now he’s just shouted from the comfort of his LA mansion or over sake bombs at Nobu. His wife Jennifer Garner hinted at the possibility that the Just for Men beard-faced actor might enter politics one day. She said,

“Right now [Ben] feels like he can do more good for people politically from outside the system. Would I be surprised if one day he did go into politics? No. But not now.”

What I’ve never understood is why Hollywood celebrities think anyone cares what they think? What makes Affleck an expert on politics? Certainly not experience. The guy dresses up and plays pretend for a living. How many new careers does this guy need? It turns out he’s a pretty decent director and he should really stick to that. Sometimes, the best contribution you can make to the world is keeping your perfectly handsome nose the fuck out of it.

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