Farrah Abraham’s TV Series Will Never Happen

By Travis August 09, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

One of the things that kept former Teen Mom star and porn “actress” Farrah Abraham happy in her own little fantasy land, where she truly believes that she’s on her way to becoming the next Kim Kardashian, was the idea that someone is going to eventually pay her money to star in her own reality TV series. She had signed a deal with Spinboi Films to create a scripted “reality” series about her daily life, entitled “Finding Farrah,” but now, according to Radar, every network that even considered the series has passed and she’s no longer in business with Spinboi.

Maybe she can start working on a new project entitled, “Finding Farrah a Fucking Job.”

(Photo Credit: Judy Eddy/WENN.com)

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    Shortshanks 08/09/2013 11:44

    I hope they doubled up the chlorine in that pool……

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    Beylerbey 08/09/2013 14:36

    It’ll be a fvcking job, all right.

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