Kate Beckinsale In A Bikini

Kate Beckinsale In A Bikini Poolside Vacationing In Los Cabos I can't look at hot moms wearing bikinis without thinking about all the hot moms in my neighborhood when I was a kid who refused to reciprocate or even acknowledge the very real and masturbatory feelings I had for them. But I vowed back in those days that I would grow up to be a man they could not ignore, a man of great accomplishment, a man of wealth and title who these same women would beg to take them. That or a really clever hypnotist.

Here's Kate Beckinsale in a bikini at that Los Cabos resort where expensive lawyers for celebrities claim they have an expectation of privacy despite being photographed 100% of the times they visit there.

Photo Credit: Splash [gallery ids="1522942,1522952,1522962,1522972,1522982,1522992,1523002,1523012,1523022,1523032,1523042"]

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