Kendrick Lamar Starts a Rap Feud

August 15, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Kendrick Lamar started a Twitter feud with pretty much every rapper in New York. It all started when Kendrick called out pretty much every single other rapper in his lyrics on Big Seans’ Control, including the following blanket assertion:

“I’m Makaveli’s offspring I’m the King of New York/ King of the coast/ One hand I juggle them both.”

Mind you, he’s from California. How he can claim to be the king of New York is beyond me. People, especially from the East coast, took to Twitter to call Kendrick out on it. The hate came from both fans and fellow rappers, like Jersey MC Joe Budden who Tweeted:

“A Cali n—- just said he’s the King of NY & u n—-s so f—ing worried about your relationships, y’all make me sick,”

Diddy also hit back by posting a of him and Jay Z laughing at Kendrick on Instagram. Wow, that’s gangsta. Here is my questions: when did hip hop become a genre full of social media pussies? When I was coming up in the early 90’s rappers really knew how to feud. They tore each other apart with their rhymes and when that didn’t suffice, they shot each other with bullets. Ice Cube alleging that Eazy-E was on the down low and had AIDS right before he died is the kind of cold-blooded rapper fight that God intended. Tupac, Biggie, Jam Master Jay and many others were probably victims of haters with guns. Now rappers talk shit on Twitter. What are you, adolescent ┬áTaylor Swift fans? The loss of balls in rap is only going to create a power vacuum to be filled by something even more destructive, like trance music and electronica. We don’t need that nonsense. Clean your shit up, boys.

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