Lady Gaga Wears Her Underwear Out

By Lex August 12, 2013 @ 3:54 PM

Lady Gaga Wears A Bra And Thong To The Chateau Marmont In Los Angeles
Lady Gaga’s personal fashion designer quit on her last week because he said dressing her a dozen times a day was just too much stress. Also, he felt it was time to hand over the title of world’s gayest man job to another contender. I’m not sure if this get-up Lady Gaga wore out to the Chateau Marmont was his last big lilted hurrah, but it sure got Lady Gaga some much needed attention. It’s only been three days since she was naked on video chanting and humming for self-actualization. The minute she stops being a public spectacle, people might listen to her music and realize it’s the same song written twenty different times. Then, we could have a metrosexual blood-letting.

Photo Credit: PCN

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    Admiral 08/12/2013 16:40

    When she’s naked and the lighting is overexposed and you squint a little she almost looks super hot.

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    Hugh G. Rection 08/12/2013 17:10

    Yeah admiral, maybe. But then you realize she’s f*&cking batsh!t crazy.

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    Al Bundy 08/13/2013 01:01

    This is one of those pictures that you look at it and say “I would definitely hit that”. Then your friend tells you that it’s Lady GaGa, and you immediately go “Eeeeeewwww”.

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