Lamar Has Been Found, But Now Kris Jenner Wants Him Lost

August 28, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Amazing grace, Lamar has been found. Well, not really found so much as he was never missing. But he did return home to his beloved Chewy who waited for him at the compound gates with a bone of some large animal pressed between her teeth. There’s nothing scarier than when a 33-year old man is on his own for a few days out in the cold (well, 84 degrees) city, with nothing but his Mercedes, 10K in his billfold, and only his regular cell and his booty call secret cell as forms of communication.

Now that Lamar’s not dead, Kris Jenner snapped into action by consulting Kim’s divorce attorney on how to cut Lamar out of the family fortune. She wants Lamar out to protect her semi-retarded big boned daughter who she thinks is too much of ¬†furry sap too think for herself, and, relatedly, to protect her long term unemployed son Rob:

Kris also has been extremely worried that Odom has been a negative influence on Rob Kardashian, who lives with Khloe and Lamar. He’s best friends with Lamar; look at his weight fluctuations, he’s unhealthy,” says our source.

It sucks when your gamer buddy’s problems have you making a run for Taco Bell thrice nightly to swallow your pain. Though it doesn’t suck quite as much as being 26 and living with your sister and her husband because your official occupation is ‘socialite’. Still, nobody touches Fredo except for the family.

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