Madonna Dressed Like A Slutty Marie Antoinette For Her Birthday

By Travis August 19, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

Madonna turned 55 on Friday, so she did what every other 55-year old woman would do and threw a huge party and dressed like a fancy stripper nearly a third of her age. Actually, she dressed up like Marie Antoinette if Marie were a fancy stripper nearly a third her age, and then she further killed the few heterosexual penises in the room by shaking her ass all over her 26-year old boyfriend Brahim Zaibat.

I’m not saying that a women old enough to be a grandmother shouldn’t be having a little fun on her birthday, but Madonna should be spending her special day by gambling her savings away in a casino or driving up to Vancouver to pick up some discounted Lipitor. Hell, at the very least, she should do it by wearing pants.

(Photo Credit: Madonna’s Instagram)

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    rdd 08/19/2013 14:40

    WHO CARES ABOUT MADONNA!! She’s a has-been and is just trying to stay in the news. Go away you old HAG!!

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    Burbank 08/19/2013 21:59

    Is that you, Lady Gaga?

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    kb 08/20/2013 04:40

    That is some sweet furry face she’s got going on there.

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