Marriage Proposal Goes Horribly Wrong At Baseball Park…Maybe

August 8, 2013 | WTF | editor | 0 Comments

A guy was utterly rejected when he asked his girlfriend to marry him at a minor league baseball game…or was he? The incident happened the other night at a New Britain Rock Cats game. The dude, with the team’s goofy mascot Rocky as his wingman, proposes to his girlfriend out on the field. She reacts with shock and says no. That’s when the asshole announcer starts laughing, because he’s an asshole. The couple then run off the field to cry or whatever. The video has gone viral but many people question whether this is fake or not. Is this a tale of love striking out or just some lame attempt by a minor league team to get free publicity.

I tend to think it’s bullshit. It’s all too perfectly orchestrated. I’ll admit that if it is fake the girl does a pretty convincing job. Then again there are tons of decent actresses laying around who will perform for a free hot dog and Coke at the concession stand. But even if it is real I’m of the opinion that any woman that gets proposed to at a sporting event should automatically say no. That shit is lame and unimaginative and conceived of by a guy who will love his sports more than his wife the minute regular sex stops in the marriage. Okay, that part actually makes sense. Still, ladies, at least get a decent meal out of a guy before promising your vagina to him for life.