No One Shows Up To Perez Hilton’s Pre-VMA Party

By Lex August 26, 2013 @ 7:31 PM

No One Shows Up To Perez Hilton's Pre-VMA Party In Brooklyn
A somewhat somber group of mostly itinerant hispters spread out around the lightly populated stage at Perez Hilton’s pre-VMA party. Many attributed the lack of attendance to the ongoing feud between the blogger and Lady Gaga, wherein the latter accused the former of being a bitchy, nasty, two-faced, stalker. But the few nearby college twinks who actually attended the event were quick to dismiss the Gaga feud notion and instead pointed out that the drinks sucked and the smiling gay bondage worker on stage was creeping even them out.

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    Kanye is an ass 08/26/2013 20:35

    Hasn’t the HIV gotten him yet?!

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    Doctor Mindbender 08/26/2013 22:30

    A pre-party for an award show I don’t care about given by a man I despise. Still, I’m loving the empty dance floor, like a Catholic school freshman mixer.

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