Painting Of Putin In Panties Seized In Moscow

By Michael August 29, 2013 @ 4:55 PM

A painting portraying Russian president and all around manly man Vladimir Putin brushing prime minister Dmitry Medvedev’s hair while dressed in drag has been seized by Moscow police. The painting did not go over well in the increasingly restrictive and anti-gay Russian regime. The painter, Konstantin Altunin, has left the country for France where painting politicians in lingerie is not only legal, but a mandatory portion of obtaining your art license. It’s just the latest act of an increasingly paranoid and draconian system. First the girls of Pussy Riot get thrown in jail for singing a shitty punk song about vaginas and now this. Not to mention the fact that Putin stole an American Super Bowl ring. My grandfather always told me that there is no such thing as an ex-commie. He also told me that if you have sex with a girl in her ass the devil steal’s your soul, but he got a pass because it was grandma’s idea. Grandpa was an oversharer.

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    Admiral 08/29/2013 18:22

    I hate commies – I learned my best friend was a communist, so I unfriended him. Not that dumb Facebook virtual kind of unfriending – the real kind.

    However, I need to side with those commie bastards on this one – ban that gay shit. Not because it’s gay, but because it’s meant to be offensive to the highest degree. We like to think that we have it good here in America where we can do dumb shit and call it “freedom of expression”, but that shit’s free, or right – we are all under the eye of common good taste and good public sense.

    In America this kind of inconsiderate trash would get a pass by the public because its subject matter is homosexual. But it’s derisive and offensive only. If it were two black homosexual men it would make the cover of high school text books on art history – and if it were two black, midget, homosexual women it would be preserved and hang in the White House where Obama can jerk off to it.

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    Shortshanks 08/29/2013 20:55


    …suddenly I’m liking you more and more……

    …and not in a gay way….

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