Roger Waters Wants to Boycott Israel But Still Shtup Bar Refaeli

By Lex August 22, 2013 @ 2:24 PM

Bar Refaeli Modeling Lingerie For A Passionata Campaign
Rock musicians have always rallied around unpopular social and political causes. Trying to free some murderer or stop forest logging or making sure girls get coupons for abortions with their grade school lunches. Roger Waters picked support of the Palestinians and a boycott of all things Israel. He’s asking other musicians to join him in not performing in Israel. Waters says he was inspired by Stevie Wonder’s announcement that he was going to boycott Florida after the Zimmerman acquittal. You know, even though pretty much every legal scholar had to admit that jury verdict was correct under Florida law. His political viewpoint is actually pretty common among European elites who hate Israel for being successful and Jewy. But it’s pissed off Israeli model Bar Refaeli who wants her images removed from Waters’ visual media displays during his concerts.

I’m not completely fluent in Hebrew, but that translates roughly into, Fuck You, Roger Waters, though it’s right to left so it could be Roger Waters, fuck you.

Photo Credit: Passionista

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    Hugh G. Rection 08/22/2013 15:02

    I would like a good explanation for why Leo stopped hitting that. Is she stupid? Annoying? Whiny? Bitchy? Doesn’t like sex? America needs answers.

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    RoreyRock 08/22/2013 22:44

    She is totally gorgeous. Makes fat bellied Upton look like the overrated retard she is~~ Bar has true political courage- not a libtard sycophant~ let’s see more of her-

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    Doctor Mindbender 08/23/2013 07:21

    Dear Roger:
    You’ve sucked since The Wall but you get some prime wool even though you’re an old man, so I guess it’s OK.
    Dr. Mindbender, DDS, MD

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