Sylvester Stallone Might Star In A Rambo TV Show

August 23, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Since Sylvester Stallone seems to love clinging to his 80s and 90s action star image as if his life depends on it, it makes sense that he’d at least consider producing and developing a TV show based on Rambo. But not only are Entertainment One and Nu Image developing the series – with or without Stallone – they’re also hoping that he’ll star as Rambo again, because that would be the only way that people would take this shit seriously.

Or maybe if Rambo goes around killing other TV shows’ characters, because those little fuckers from the Big Bang Theory have been begging for a slow, painful death for a few years now. I’d actually watch an episode if it involved one of those nerds having his skin peeled off by a 67-year old juiced up on growth hormones.

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