Tanning Mom Creates The Single Worst Music Video Ever

By Lex August 14, 2013 @ 11:00 AM

Here’s my own confession. I can’t name you a single person famous for running into a burning building to save a kid, but I can tell you exactly who Tanning Mom is. That’s going to be a solid blemish on the record at the Pearly Gates. Patty Krentcil had no fucking clue what to do with her fifteen minutes of fame, she only knew she loved it. With no actual marketable skills, she tried nude modeling and pornography and when that didn’t work, she just tried drinking and rehab. Now she’s trying music. This is the single most horrible music video ever conceived or produced. And I say that in deference to music videos of the mid to late 1990′s. If you get to the part where Tanning Mom inserts clips of herself fucked up and stumbling in the Minneapolis airport and you don’t agree, turn it off. In fact, don’t even watch this shit in the first place, you’re just going to hate me (more).

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    LoK 08/14/2013 11:26

    Holy fcuking shit…whats the matter with you?

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    miche the killer 08/14/2013 15:10

    So she’s basically famous for child abuse. Just wanted to see that written in black & white.

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    Skoorb 08/14/2013 18:13

    What do you know… Your last sentence is true.

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