Taylor Swift Is Assless

By Lex August 21, 2013 @ 3:06 PM

Taylor Swift Wears Leather Hot Pants Onstage At The Staples Center
I guess you give credit to Taylor Swift for becoming famous without benefit of having an ass. When I think about popular female music artists, I think about girls with big booty shaking asses lip-synching generic thumping Babyface Edmonds songs. That’s what pop music is supposed to be. Insert girl with tits and round ass and bluetooth headset. Taylor Swift has the ass of an older white dude behind the counter at CVS. You know, that guy who wasn’t a chemical engineer Ph.D back in the Philippines or Russia so you have no idea how he got stuck there but you surmise he’s probably on the Megan’s Law website smiling in a cardigan sweater. Not that I check out that dude’s ass. I don’t need to. I can just look at Taylor Swift’s.

Here’s Taylor at Staples Center last night. She’s sort of cute now but she’s already starting to transition into a Waylon Jennings puppet.

Photo Credit: PCN

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    AyWhole 08/21/2013 18:28

    God this site sucks so bad now.

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    Pitbulllover 08/21/2013 18:45

    I hate the fact that I even know this, but I have to correct you since you are confusing a great country singer (Waylon Jennings) with a super gay puppeteer who I think died of AIDs (Waylon Flowers). But hey, the fact that you even know who Waylon the puppeteer is says a lot.

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