The Howe Twins Take on Kandyland

By Lex August 20, 2013 @ 2:40 PM

The Howe Twins In Their Bras For The Kandyland Party In Beverly Hills
I can’t help but feel the Howe Twins are spinning their wheels in their effort to fuck themselves famous in Hollywood. Lots of activity, very little progress. I wish I could get them in a room, sit them down, and really walk through a sensible, step by step strategy to attain their empty goal. Either that or tell them I’m a big movie producer and get a super twin hummer.

Here’s the Howe Twins at the Kandyland Party at the Playboy Mansion. Trying to stick out at a Playboy party by showing off your tits more than the next girl is the classic sign you lack a thoughtful marketing campaign.

Photo Credit: Splash, WENN

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    snoodz 08/20/2013 14:56

    When the only thing you’ve got going for you is big tits, being at the playboy mansion isn’t a great idea. The hotties there aren’t ugly chubbos, AND, they have big tits. #Fail !!!

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    MacDaddy 08/20/2013 15:01

    I have it on a good authority that these fame whores were ostracized by the Bunny crowd and even told, “You don’t belong here” by a 2013 Playmate.

    They were seen leaving the party very early,,,and alone!

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    AyWhole 08/20/2013 17:33

    Looks like Lex had a talking too after his faggy liberal posts about not tits was wasting space on this website.

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    Shortshanks 08/20/2013 19:15

    MAcDaddy……I hope your “authority” was another bunny who informed you of this between swallows……

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