This Is Probably The Best Powerball Winner Ever (VIDEO)

By Travis August 15, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

A group of 16 co-workers in New Jersey purchased one of the winning tickets of the recent $448 million Powerball jackpot, and they’re living proof of why you should probably reconsider telling your stupid co-workers to fuck off every time they want to chip in for lottery tickets. After taxes and whatever else the government feels that it deserves, each person will take home $3.8 million, which is good enough to make most of them say, “Adios, cocksucker!” to their boss.

In fact, William Seeley claims that he’s going to buy a few acres and just “keep watching NASCAR,” which is pretty inspiring until you realize that one of his estranged cousins is probably going to set him on fire in his sleep. But in the meantime, what a story!

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    AppleCandy 08/15/2013 16:04

    This guy seems awesome and nice, which is very bad news for him. He’s probably already getting requests for money from complete strangers because that shit always happens. I’ve never understood why lottery winners names have to be made public. It’s none of our damn business and it just opens the door for people to take advantage. I hope he can stay happy and kind, but money changes people. Especially when said people get swindled by others saying they desperately need money when most of the time, they just want a payout that they don’t deserve or aren’t entitled to.
    I would suggest this guy puts up an electric fence around the land he’s going to buy and get some guard dogs. This shit always turns ugly.

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