Carlos Danger Is Kinda Racist, Mon (VIDEO)

September 4, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Carlos Danger, (AKA Anthony Weiner), committed the classic lame white guy blunder when he started talking ‘like dee West Indian Block mon’ at a rally this past weekend. The disgraced politician, who still believes he has a chance at winning the New York City Mayoral race, attended the The West Indian American Day Parade in Brooklyn on Labor Day. Everything was going fine until Weiner hit the stage. Instead of speaking in his normal telephone sex voice, he decided to affect a shitty Caribbean accent. It’s the kind of “Irie, mon” speak that asshole American tourists might use on a Carnival cruise to Jamaica or at a Jimmy Buffet concert. The West indians in the crowd were not amused.

Politicians need to realize that the more they try to blend in the more they stand out. Everyone knows you are a douchey New York Jewish guy who likes to sext fugly bitches, Anthony. Dude, just quit. Seriously, it’s over. Irie?

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