Courtney Stodden Is Milking Those Boobs

September 25, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Everybody mocked Courtney Stodden when she got insanely big tits. Everybody but her doctor, her mom, and me. Her doctor got paid. Her mom made a vow when Courtney was a child to never ridicule her semi-retarded daughter. And I knew that Courtney would finally have a way to make money. She wasn’t getting paid when she was pushing up her smaller yabbos in her underaged halter tops and acting crass at public events. She was getting snapped, but no cash. With her circus sized tits, she’s finally getting some peanuts. Celebrity Big Brother, men’s magazine photo shoots. It’s not a fortune, but it puts her on track for decent strip club money, fetish porn, and retirement at age 23 into a modest condo in the Valley selling her used panties online. It’s not the Sandra Day O’Connor story, but which of the two would you rather seeing upside down and naked a foot from your face. Right. Sandra Day.

Photo Credit: Nuts Magazine

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