Dina Lohan Goes To Court For Her DUI

Dina Lohan Goes To Court For Her DUI In Long Island In a family turn of the screw nobody saw coming, Dina Lohan used her elderly mom as a sympathetic prop at her court hearing for sloppy drunk driving. During the hearing, the police reported that Dina was a ginormous asshole at the scene of her arrest, including name-dropping  'Oprah'. In a more enlightened society that would earn you an immediate beat down. Dina pled not-guilty to the DUI charges despite blowing a whopping .20 and admitting to drinking a couple or three big glasses of wine before driving. If found guilty, the court will place Dina Lohan into a time machine and send her back to be sterilized the day before she first had sex with Michael Lohan.

Photo Credit: Dina Lohan

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