It Won’t Be Long Now Until Miranda Kerr Is Single

By Lex September 20, 2013 @ 1:21 PM

Miranda Kerr Shows Off Her Cleavage At The After Party For The Opening Of 'Romeo And Juliet' In New York

I guess Orlando Bloom was a thing for the ladies when he was swashbuckling in Pirates, now he’s doing Romeo and Juliet on Broadway and putting around town with his motorcycle helmet pretending that his hot wife is not soon to be banging another man. I might be reading too much into this, but this marriage is about three years into a five year max shelf life. Miranda Kerr will be just fine. Orlando Bloom will be doing puppet theater in the park by 2017. The hot woman with the nice tits will win. They always do.

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    The Mildly Tanned Knight 09/20/2013 15:16

    You realize that Orlando Bloom is starring in back-to-back movies that are expected to gross about a billion dollars each, right?

    Puppet theater? You know you sound like an idiot, right?

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    Neocene 09/21/2013 13:10

    Not to mention the millions he makes per year in revenue from his performances in 3 Lord of the Rings Movies, 3 Pirates of the Caribbean movies, plus the added revenue of starring in the Hobbit. I don’t think they’ll be hurting for cash anytime soon.
    Also a funny fact: Miranda Kerr has admitted that Orlando has a foot fetish and she keeps her feet looking extra nice just for him!

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    Al Bundy 09/23/2013 10:19

    Does Orlando Bloom only accept roles where he gets to use a sword?

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