Kim Kardashian Posed Pregnant

Kim Kardashian Poses Pregnant In Weird Shoot For CR Fashion Book Photographed By Karl Lagerfeld Looking back on it now, Kim Kardashian did some crazy shit when she was pregnant. I guess any adventure that begins by having unprotected sex with a rapper is going to be a wild and painfully bumpy ride. Most of the shit she did was obviously for money, those blessed bills that fill the large empty spaces in her soul. But some of this stuff, like this bizarro photo shoot by the equally bizarro Karl Lagerfeld, I think she did just because she was bored and Kanye wasn't answering her texts during his sex with a normal sized girl nights.

Photo Credit: Karl Lagerfeld/CR Fashion Book

Kim kardashian poses pregnant in weird shoot for cr fashion book photographed by karl lagerfeld 01 0028d21f 8 View Photos

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