Behold Farrah Abraham’s “Girls and Corpses” Magazine Cover

By Jack October 03, 2013 @ 4:30 PM

We told you a while back that everyone’s (least) favorite back door teen mom Farrah Abraham posed for “Girls and Corpses” magazine. Though we have to wait until December for the full spread, the tasteful mag released the cover today. It’s a “clever” take on the classic painting “American Gothic” by Grant Wood. In this version Farrah plays the farmer’s wife and she seems to have impaled the farmer with a pitchfork. Whoopsy!

The magazine caters to perverts and Minority Reported future child murderers (no offense) that enjoy seeing pretty girls posing with rotting bodies. This spread will probably lead to a fan throwing Farrah in his trunk and driving away to the rape and mutilation shack his parents will later tell the police they still believed to be his personal art space. I see no obvious downside in this.


(7) Comments

  1. dj queef 10/03/2013 16:52

    I’d rather bang the corpse…

  2. Shastar 10/03/2013 17:03

    you’ve got some weird priorities, dude.

  3. lemonbag 10/03/2013 18:13

    Still a better use of your downtime than US Weekly.

  4. Admiral 10/03/2013 18:17

    I’m curious about “SEX WITH TRACTORS”

  5. dj queef 10/03/2013 19:53

    you don’t know the half of it,shatstar

  6. Gettheheckoutofhere 10/03/2013 21:17

    Isn’t she the farmer’s “spinster” daughter. Doesn’t she get gonorrhea from a tractor?

  7. ihatethis 10/04/2013 03:51

    I know you guys here at WWTDD think research is above you but A. the American Gothic painting features a farmer and daughter B. Their magazine is a humor/comedy mag, like Mad. Making fun of it is like Scary Movie “spoofing” a comedy with the same joke.

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